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Steven Bancarz Fraud or Not?

[I’m taking stuff off my old site and putting it here]

I found a vid yesterday 4-12-17, that Steven Bancarz made. I had never heard of him before. So I’ve been reading his website, watching vids, etc.

I believe he is sincere, that he has discovered Jesus, however in a post from 2016, he said after he would post that post, he would remove the facebook page and all the other stuff associated with Spirit, Science and Metaphysics, his brand.

From his site:

” After reflection and prayer and simply being honest with myself, I have decided that I can no longer in good conscience be a part of a brand in any way, shape, or form, that has to do with anything other than helping people find liberty and peace in Jesus.  I initially saw these as an opportunity to minister, but to be honest I was just deceiving myself out of fear and selfishness. I can’t in good conscience remain attached to information/brand that is not bringing people closer to God or that contradicts the Gospel of Jesus in any way.” 

Am I missing something?? His email is The identity e.g. entity that he registered this new website under is spirit, science and metaphysics. Ok so say he had to have something pay for it, instead of out of his own pocket. It’s a biz expense. Ok. But then he made that statement above AND has that email address and uses it. I did a whois because I couldn’t email him a question I had. AND it’s 5 yrs past the point when he converted to Jesus, as the post from above was from 9-7-16 where he said ‘amost 4 yrs after’. 

Is this going right over my head, or is there a reason there is a quizzical look inside my spirit going HUH????? 

UPDATE 5-11-17, NOW he has made the email private after I wrote to him and asked him about it. Do a whois on WHY would he do that unless he has something to hide and IF he is a Christian as he says, [even the devil can quote scripture, read Matthew chapter 4], why would he hide all this? I dunno, but CBN is going to have him on their program he says. I would suggest to them to vet all this first.

Update: if Bancarz is so Christian, why does he still allow his writings on other websites?