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Fight the Flu and Colds

Apparently in 1925 Arm and Hammer, who made/makes sodium bicarbonate [baking soda], wrote a

A Friend in Need

book called “A Friend In Need” In this book were instructions on how to make the body more alkaline. We want our bodies slightly more alkaline, because when they are too acidic, that’s when we tend to get sick. 0-7 is acidic, 7-14 is alkaline.

According to Dr. Volney S. Cheney, the author of the 1924 “Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Medical Uses,” sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, showed clinical success when used in the treatment of colds and flu.

He explains that back in the flu season of 1918-1919, those who used baking soda to alkalize their body didn’t catch the disease. Also, those who did catch it, had mild attacks if alkanalized early.

Because baking soda is pretty much neutralizing the stomach acid, make sure you take it at least 1 hour before eating and 2 hours after eating.

  • Day 1 — Take six doses of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in glass of cool water, at about two-hour intervals
  • Day 2 — Take four doses of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in glass of cool water, at the same intervals
  • Day 3 — Take two doses of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in glass of cool water morning and evening, and thereafter ½ teaspoon in glass of cool water each morning until cold symptoms are gone

It is said to be best utilized when one first starts getting sick. I’m full blown in the middle of being sick. I don’t have the flu, but I have a nasty cough and my sinuses are full. I took my first glass at 3:45p 2-8-18. Let’s see how things change. I will post updates here. Well, I’ll try to remember to. It’s 78F in the house and I have the heater on because I’m chilly. So I’ll do my best to update. 🙂

4:30p I ate 2 oranges and feel a lot better. I feel like I have some energy. 

It stalked into camp when the day was damp

And chilly and cold.

It crept by the guards

And murdered my pards

With a hand that was clammy and bony and bold;

And its breath was icy and mouldy and dank,

And it killed so speedy

And gloatingly greedy

That it took away men from each company rank.

From The Flu by Private Josh Lee, 1919

Here is a link with letters from mothers and others. Interesting. The flu of 1918-1919 was a pandemic and it killed 45,000 troops, more than the war that killed 26,000 troops. World-wide it killed between 20 and 40 million people.

Some say this flu of 2018 is a Biblical plague, meaning on a large scale, sent from heaven. The word plague is a bacteria, pandemic means everywhere – world-wide. Some say this flu was put ‘out there’ by the government to get rid of a lot of people and some say it’s what’s in the chemicals in the chemtrails they spray on us. Admitted to by a Congressman, 2017. What do you think?

Do you think it is a governmental nefarious plot? Do you think parts of Revelation in the Bible are beginning to come true? Or do you think that it’s just happening, no reason behind it? 





So You Want A Coach?

Good speakers are coaches. They open up another’s mind to possibilities.

Good teachers are coaches, they open up another’s mind to possibilities

Good friend are coaches, they ask challenging question no one has the courage to ask.

Anyone, anyone can be a coach. What makes one different from the other millions out there?

Coaches are mentors, they are consultants, they are friends, they are mastermind groups. Coaches help one think from a different perspective. They ask questions like, ‘if you are doing the same thing 20 years from now, how would you feel’?

They have no vested interest in whatever you are going through other than the money they are being paid. Therefore, they can afford to probe and move on. This is not necessarily a bad thing. They learn enough about you to know what questions to ask. However on the flip side, there are only so many different personalities, so it can be learned. 

Much like the Myers-Briggs personality test, there are many online tests one can take to determine their bent, their personality, the way they are.

There are also webpages that tell about personality types insofar as coaching is concerned, Here is one.

For instance, there is the ‘expressive’. These people are intuitive, great in sales, communication, drive and enthusiasm. What kills their energy and enthusiasm? Tedium, micro management, personal stagnation. These types are receptive to coaching – IF the coach can establish a relationship of relevance. Expressives base everything on values.

So, presumably, a coach just has to frame their comments in terms of that person’s values. Murky ground here. I would suggest getting on a coaches’  face book group, connect with them through various avenues.

For those that care about themselves and pay attention to who is speaking into their lives, it’s more important to have someone with the same values, than it is to have a ‘Christian’ coach.

 What differentiates coaching from different avenues such as friendship, mentors and consultants?

For starters, if it’s a friend, their mind may wander onto another topic. They are, perhaps, not focused on your issue, your problem at hand. However, in reality, many times friends are the best coaches if they are willing to speak up about issues and not just be a ‘yes man’.

A mentor is someone who is there for the long haul, mentoring is relationship oriented and can be of personal or professional issues.  A mentor has a personal interest, is personally involved for your long term development.

Mentoring is biased in your favor. 

Coaching is short term and focuses on a particular issue. It is task oriented. Coaches generally focus on skills to make a person better at their job, although it can also be in personal issues. Coaching is impartial, focused on improvement in behavior.

I wrote this after reading about a self confessed follower of Jesus, who is also a coach, say he was sad Hillary did not win. I’m not saying Democrats can not be Jesus followers. For me, I want anyone that is going to speak into my life and/or my business to have similar values. They don’t have to be a Christian for me to use them as a business coach, but they do have to have values. I don’t want anyone speaking into any area of my life that does not have somewhat similar values to mine. Determine why you are searching for a coach and vet them. Find out if their values mesh with yours.  



Graciousness – It’s Not Only A Word

There are two basic types of gracious people in the world. Those that are gracious from a kind heart and those that are gracious on the surface only. 

A gracious person will see everyone as equal and treat all with kindness and respect. 

I think for the most part, people put themselves and others in boxes. We should all remember, each person has giftings. Ours may not mesh with theirs and that’s ok! We’re not meant to mesh with everyone. But we should always be gracious.

Gracious means being kind and speaking thoughtful words. Graciousness is often superficial, but sometimes what is on the surface is good enough. Being gracious is being tactful, not hurtful. Being gracious means paying attention to those at a party that often feel left out. Being gracious is making eye contact with everyone in the group, not just one. Being gracious is calling a homeless person at a shelter, a guest. 

Being gracious means being compassionate. It means being courteous. 

A gracious person is slow to take credit and quick to lavish praise. Graciousness shows a propensity to be generous and helpful. The mark of a gracious person is how they treat someone who can be of absolutely no use to them. A gracious person asks for forgiveness if they offend another. A gracious person asks for forgiveness even when they know it wasn’t their fault. 

Gracious people give; they give of themselves, their time, their smiles, approval, friendship, money, gifts, with no strings attached. They are never greedy, stingy or grabbing. You don’t have to feel like you are walking on eggshells in exchange for their favor. Gracious people think about others, what they can give, how they can help – and they do it. They listen to another speaking, not forming what they want to say in their minds. 

A gracious person has warmth.  They may argue, but are not out of control and they are never cold to others. The opposite of love is not hate…it is cool indifference. Gracious people never exhibit cool indifference to others. 

We should treat everyone the same. Be kind, be thoughtful. Gracious words from a kind heart bring health to the body of the person speaking them.

The Spirit of Leviathan

I just watched a vid from Lance Wallnau about the Leviathan spirit. I think it’s pretty important, so I’m putting it here for others to know as well. 

Leviathan spirit. Like a crocodile or alligator. It’s jaw doesn’t move back and forth like a human’s, it only moves up and down and it’s always trying to latch on to something. A Word, a person, a thought, a communication – it will latch onto whatever it can grasp and latches on. As soon as it latches on, it sinks its teeth in and then goes into what is known as a ‘death spiral’, it spins in order to dismember and pulls down, trying to suffocate it’s victim.

If leviathan can suffocate its victim, it can take them into his territories.

Many have had relationships that are anointed and blessed by God and because of some misunderstanding, some incident, some twisted miscommunication that anointed relationship is broken. What Satan does is he goes into relationships that are meant to be together so the anointing is disconnected.

If that key person is pulled out of your life, the anointing that is on them and the resources they carry is disconnected from your destiny.

So Satan loves to dismember and divide all the time. Because he has multiple heads, he can work through more than one person at a time.

The key is to stay out of strife. Take heed how you hear and take heed what you hear. What you hear is going to become how you hear and if someone we are listening to, is toxic or has an agenda or the wrong spirit, then the spirits that twist the meanings of things to them, will start to twist our understanding also. That’s how powerful that spirit is.

So in the name of Jesus, I bind the spirit of leviathan in the body of Christ, I break the teeth of this spirit, that it cannot control us or make us afraid.

Too Old? BAH!!

We are not so old. We are not as tired as we think. We tell ourselves all of that when we see photos of young people doing things.

WE have wisdom, understanding. WE know how to do xyz. WE can do things NOW, we couldn’t possibly do at their age and neither can they!

Some things take years to learn; skills, knowledge, confidence, know-how.

STOP looking at photos of younger people making leaps and in-roads in social media, in business, in life, thinking you are too old to contribute! Stop thinking you are too old to help another!

Stop thinking THEY are the innovative ones.

WE STILL have GIFTS to give to others. WE are the ones that have the SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE and UNDERSTANDING. US! THEY DON”T! Because they haven’t lived a life long enough.

I noticed when I just looked at a photo of young people getting innovative awards, I got tired. Thinking, ‘why bother’.

BECAUSE IF I DON’T, IF YOU DON’T, IT WON’T HAPPEN. The books won’t be written, the classes won’t be taught, the wisdom won’t be shared.


If we think we’re ‘too old’, WHO then will give the gifts we have? WHO?

There are MILLIONS of people waiting for our wisdom, our strength, our understanding, our laughter.

Younger women WANT to be taught how to be a homemaker; how to evangelize, how to have a happy marriage, how to be a godly mother, how to can, how to obey God, how to have fun, how to live, how to be happy, how to knit, how to a million things. 

Older women must teach younger women. You don’t HAVE to do it one on one, you can do it through writing a book, being a speaker, reading to children at the library, there are hundreds of ways to share your gifts and what you know.

Just STOP thinking you are ‘too old’ or ‘too tired’. You have gifts in you to share!



Get Off The Fear Pedestal!


Let Courage RISE FIRST

Fear, people have fear on a pedestal, as if they think more highly of fear than they do courage. There is good fear and bad fear. This is about bad fear. The kind that paralyzes us so we don’t move, don’t try, don’t do.

When was the last time you heard someone say, I had courage and I did this?

What we normally say or hear is ‘I was afraid too xyz’. I was afraid of rejection, I was afraid of being judged for….not doing it well, being fat, sounding bad, people won’t buy, people won’t like me. Fear is familiar. Absolutely everyone knows fear. But does everyone know courage?

Do you feel better when you are fearful or when you act on courage?

Is living in fear somewhere YOU want to live?  Is living with fear someone you want to live with?  Stop being so darn comfortable with fear! Don’t be crushed by fear. Kick it out of your life!

Do we even hear about people ‘living in’ courage? Being with courage? No, because it’s something we all have to fight through, climb over, deal with. Courage is something we need to DO, take action on! Fear is something we wallow in, that allows us to be less than what God made us to be.

Courage is not commonplace. Stop being common. Stand out, be courageous. So many people are trying to be different. Well, then, live with courage. Take courageous action. Courage is a good word. It brings out the best in us. To live courageously means to live better, at one’s best.

We all feel better when we take action, when we are courageous. So, let’s determine to live courageously, live WITH courage, live IN courage. Fear or courage, whichever one we let rule our lives, is the winner.

Do not fail to live your life because you are fearful!                                                                                     Live WITH courage, not IN fear.

How to Raise Your Credit Score


The ideal usage of your credit is 6% of less. Get that? Using 6% or less of your credit is what makes you look good on paper.

What is your credit score based on?

     1. The mix of credit you have. Revolving accounts, bank-issued credit card accounts,           installment loans. This accounts for 10% of your FICO score rating.

You can raise your credit score by paying your bills on time, dispute any credit report errors and keep debt under control. You can contact your lenders who may be willing to work with you to set up a different payment schedule OR lower the loan’s interest rate.

Learn to live within your means. Only charge what you can afford to pay off in full at the end of the month.

     2. Payment history, a whopping 35% of your FICO score is based on payment history. Late payments, collections, negative public records, this all is included. This shows lenders you are a good borrower, that you pay off your bills promptly.

     3. Amount of debt; this accounts for 30% of your FICO score. This includes revolving          utilization, accounts with balances, revolving account balance.

 This is trickier than it looks. My Experian score went down 20 points. Twenty points!! I got it figured out though. It’s because I wasn’t carrying a balance on anything. You HAVE to show you DO charge things and you DO pay off over time. but just _some_ things. So I charged some stuff and took three or four months to pay it off. So when it says to pay off everything in full at the end of the month, you need to carry a balance on your credit card every so often.

 A month after it was paid off, my score went up 13 points. So clearly, I need to do it again.

     4. Credit history length – this accounts for 15% of your FICO credit score. This is in regard to managing different types of credit accounts. What is the average age of your credit history and what is the age of the oldest account is what they look at.

     5. Amount of new credit. When did you open the latest account and how many inquiries were there in the last year. This accounts for 10% of your FICO score. So there you have it. How to get your credit score up. 


When You Know You Are Loved


not perfect

When you know you are loved, you don’t worry AS MUCH about what others think of how you look.

When you know you are loved, you have a calmness about life and relationships and things.


mistakes forgiven

When you know you are loved, you know, deep in your heart that mistakes you make, will be forgiven.


When you know you are loved, you walk straighter, you have a bounce in your step.


When you know you are loved, you have this assuredness in the deep part of your heart that you are not alone, you are worthwhile, you are worthy.





                   When you know you are loved, you have confidence


  • Confidence that you can 
  • Confidence that you’re not a bother
  • Confidence in how you act
  • Confidence in who you are
  • Confidence that you belong
  • Confidence you are protected
  • Confidence not ‘will they like me, but confidence that you are fine if they don’t 

If you know you are loved like this by a human, it points you to how deeply God loves you. If you know you are loved like this by God, you can do exploits. Click To Tweet


To my human – thank you for teaching me, thank you for your patience, for showing me love and for showing me how much God loves me, to what depth, with what kindness.

heart to heart


To my God, thank You for choosing a human with a heart like Yours, to show me to what depth and how much, You love me. Ephesians 3:18

Abundant love

Gary Young, Young Living Oils, Fraud

[update: I was sent a letter from Ryan Bell, a lawyer from Utah [ lol of course ] to take down this article. So I am rewriting it. They represent “Renouveler, LLC a Delaware Limited Liability Company and the owner of the article about Gary Young.’ The letter will be at the end of this re-write as soon as I can transfer it from the other site] [[ I have no idea when I published this the first time. will update when I find the letter]]


Gary Young, you could call him a cult leader. Remember Jim Jones in Guyana?  All cult leaders are said to have charisma, charm, leadership abilities.

Apparently, there have been various and sundry people doing investigative reports on Gary Young and it’s all over the web, but this particular article that has facts and figures and a bibliography, the people at Renouveler LLC want off the web. So I’m re-doing it. There is NO WAY they can force everyone who is not a sheeple from doing their own research and publishing what they find.

There have been numerous accounts of Gary Young not being a naturopath as he claimed, not having a college degree as he claimed and there are facts to back it up. But as you can read by the lawyer letter below, I have been forced to take it down. 

  1. Gary Young, [forced to remove the N.D. after his name after being called on it by the State of Utah because he never was one] was born in…none other than UTAH [pretty State] and is said to have moved to BC and then married his first wife. Other accounts on the web have said she got pg and he wanted her to have the baby in a small pool and she was in agreement at first, then changed her mind. He forced her to do it and held the baby  under water too long and the baby drowned. But THAT info has also been taken off the web or buried so deep it would take days to find it.  

According to different sources, ole Gary got hit in the had and was allegedly paralyzed and in a wheelchair and lo and behold! Essential oils healed him!! [If this were true, eo’s would heal everyone] 

Not only that, but eventually he ran a half-marathaon, all thru the power of…yep, you guessed it, essential oils and nothing else. WOW

This description suggests that before this ‘man’ embarked on his health-related career, he was mentally unstable and possibly even brain-damaged. I have never seen ANYTHING that substantiates ANY claim of this MLM ‘superpower’. 

By 1981, Gary Young has moved to Washington State and opened a ‘health club’. This is where he killed his wife’s baby by delivering her of it, with no training, in a whirlpool bath at the health club. He left the baby under water, causing the death of an apparently healthy infant on September 4, 1982. Although the coroner said that the baby would have lived if she had been delivered in a conventional manner, this person was never charged in that case. My question is, WHY NOT? But it was Utah and they have strange ‘rules’ there. This guy’s alleged plans for an underwater delivery the previous year allegedly had been thwarted when a health department caseworker threatened to prosecute him if he followed through with the plan. But we’ll never know for sure if ANY of this is true, because everyone is being silenced and all articles pertaining to anything about this not- young -but- old guy are being sued out of existence. 

Sometime in 1983, this essential oil guy was allegedly arrested in Washington State for practicing medicine without a license. There was a prosecuting attorney, so one would think this could be looked up in the early part of the year in 1983.

Allegedly this guy pled guilty and was sentenced to probation and then moved out of country, to the border country where all the illegals are pouring in to the USA from. He divorced his first wife and married again. 

He did dastardly things down there, lying, cheating, you know the type. [he shoulda been a a lawyer, but you have to go to school AND pass a bar examine, no cheating to do that, this guy would NEVER be able to muster that] 

He came back to the States, cheated again for practicing medicine without a license [allegedly you know, of course], divorced the second wife and married a new unsuspecting person. [or maybe not] 

After leaving Calif, this guy was said to live in Nevada, different cities in Washington State, Idaho and then started his latest venture, telling people to drop pure essential oils straight on the skin, that people could ingest essential oils and these oils would heal them and the FDA does nothing about it. Gads. Can we say ‘back pocket’? he claims only his essential oils are pure that all others are not and only his are ‘therapeutic’ and no others are and people fall for it. 

This guy lies, cheats, scams and his reward and judgement are coming. NO ONE gets away with all this unscathed. This guy states he’s ‘earned’ degrees, was invited to speak at places like Turkey, all lies. He’s never been licensed as a naturopath in any USA State. 

Site after site reports there are no medical records of Gary Young’s alleged injury. NONE.  After a doctor complained to the Utah Dept of some sort of registration for doctors, Young Living removed the title N.D. and references to Young as a naturopath from the its Web site, but this misleading information is said to still appear all over the web on distributor web sites.

Young’s mail-order “degree” does not entitle him to become licensed in the state of Utah [17]. Actually, he would have no reason to acquire a license because in Utah it is illegal for a licensed naturopath to “own, directly or indirectly, a retail store, wholesaler, distributor, manufacturer, or facility of any other kind located in this state that is engaged in the sale, dispensing, delivery, distribution, or manufacture of homeopathic remedies, dietary supplements, or natural medicines.”  Just ask Steven Horne, Master Herbalist or look it up, it’s true. 

What about Young’s claim to be an authority on essential oils? The publisher of the Journal of Essential Oils (JEOR) has confirmed that Young “co-authored” [important term there] at least one paper in the JEOR. The publisher also pointed out that the JEOR did not verify his credentials. The JEOR deals only with the basic science of essential oils, not with their clinical application, medicinal or otherwise.

Several true experts in the field of essential oils, know Young to be a fraud, a liar and a cheat. Just look up the name on the web. There are also links below.

Young apparently put out a cassette tape [remember those?] called ‘The Missing Link’ telling people to do ingest essential oils. I have a group on LinkedIn and Facebook regarding essential oils and on LinkedIn ALL the eo experts are on it. Every last one of them says Gary Young’s teachings are incorrect and should not be done. But we have sheeple.

 This tape is said to summarize Young’s bizarre notions about the healing powers of essential oils, they say it is his manifesto. The experts concurred that his ideas are pure junk science. 

In 1998, Butch Owen, an American essential oils exporter living and working in Turkey, investigated Young’s claims of Turkish credentials and found them to be unsubstantiated. [You can’t make me take THIS down, I knew Butch back then and I remember Butch telling his group this. Butch was always talking about the truth regarding essential oils and who tells the untruths] BUTCH SAID he learned from Professor Dr. Mustafa Keviz, a lecturer on the Agricultural and Plants faculty of Anadolu University, stated that Gary Young had never given any lectures there. The United Nations Development Organization never sponsored Young or invited him to speak. He showed up uninvited and convinced some officials to permit him to present on two topics. Professor Dr. K. Husnu Can Basar (then director of the Medical and Aromatic Plant and Drug Research Center, Anadolu University) described Young’s presentation as inconsequential. Butch said he told Dr. Briggs. 

There was a FATAL ‘accident’  by someone using a still allegedly made by Gary Young. There was an investigation and he was fined money and hit up with safety violations.  

PEOPLE, THE LISTS GO ON AND ON AND ON. IF YOU really want the truth, start researching. I had one Young Living Oils seller and follower tell me, ‘I don’t care if it’s on the internet, if I don’t see something in print in front of me, I won’t believe it. I’ve met Gary Young and he’s as nice as can be and I won’t believe anything bad about him’. Have you ever heard of survival of the fittest? Or NATURAL selection? SHEEPLE!

YLEO’s November 2002 catalog includes a BUNCH of stuff. The company justifies high prices by claiming that its products are purer than those of its competitors, but it provides no comparative information to support these assertions. The names of many products could mislead consumers by implying clinical effects where none exist. Examples include Brain Power to “clarify and support concentration,” ImmuPower “for building, strengthening and protecting the body,” and Thyromin to “maximize nutritional support to the thyroid.” [although they have been slapped down by the FDA demanding they stop such false advertising. Purportedly they have been ordered to stop telling their sheeple they are aromatherapists and they are not allowed anymore to say their essential oils heal or do similar. However, these people STILL do this. I’ve experienced it in my research]. 

Just how in the world do they get away with it? And WHY is Renouveler LLC buying copyrights on things other people write about Gary Young? WHY is it, as THEY say, ‘causing irreparable harm’ to them? HOW? 

Oh please, you threaten me with removing this site? Grow up people, that’s not a threat. So you wanted that specific article down? It’s down. Now people are wondering why and who Renouveler LLC is. You might not have wanted that sort of scrutiny. 

here’s a link for you to read:

Here’s another: