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Not Sure I Can Do This God 1-9-18

1-9-18. Yep, it’s been a while since I posted. Instead of going thru why, I’m just gonna post. Besides, I mostly am writing to God or myself anyway.

God, I’m not sure I can do this. I know I told You I would go forward with you in 2013, but at this point, I’m not sure I can. But I can’t go back. I am stuck. 


This path you have me on, these flower essences and frequencies, this book You wanted me to write. It all feels like I’m reading things into things. I DO know YOU called things that were not, into being. But this isn’t like that. This is reading what *I* think it is, into it. 

God, don’t you trust me to speak to you thru my Spirit? 

Me, apparently not. I KNOW that you direct me even when I don’t know it. But are you doing this ALL the time? Noooo, Because if you were, I would not make so many mistakes. I mean, really God. You tell me SO MANY things and first off, it’s SO enlightening and exciting, but second, it’s FRIGHTENING to a person who is a lot more grey now, but still, the black and white rears it’s head. Like yesterday, in our convo, I guess I may as well put the whole thing here. Seriously God, I am really upset with You that You tell me to STILL put my personal stuff online. I think I’m just upset at this whole thing.

So yesterday, 1-8-18 [no, the number is not lost on me] and btw, that prophetic word Mike Maiden gave me in 2004 about the number 18, what does THAT mean??

“struggling with fear and mindsets. 

me, what about dealing with all these new agers? How am I supposed to differentiate? 

God, you don’t. 

me, what labels do I put on it?

God, no label, not everything has to have a label, some things just ARE

me, then how do I understand it? 

God, go with the flow. Set yourself free, stop putting a fence around yourself. *I* don’t do that to you. YOU do that to you. You agree with the devil and allow a fence to be put around you because you fear. You fear because you were born in sin and that’s what people do. They fear instead of fly. 

LORD! how are we supposed to FLY if we have all this fear in and around us?

God, By trust. In Me.

me, how are we supposed to GET there? 

God, surrendering to me. Flowers, plants, nature, commune with nature. Those other people are not so far off Janine, it’s who they are worshipping, not what they are doing. “

That, right there. God, you tell me stuff like that and it blows me away, freaks me out, I TRY, you KNOW I try. ‘not what they are doing’. God, seriously. I get that YOU think I’m the right person for this. I get that YOU take the stubborn and stupid to do those things that YOU want us to do, so YOU get the glory. I’m good with that. Except I think that doing this, I’m reading things into it. What if it’s not you? What if I’m wrong in a BIG way? Yep, fear. You betcha. [ maybe I should rename this blog, ‘notes from the stubborn and stupid’.  *rueful grin*]

 I KNOW I said I’ll fly with You, I’ll soar with You. I’ll have no fear. I’ve done fairly well, Until yesterday. I’m overwhelmed with trying to do things the way I think You’ve told me to do AND loosen up and have fun. 

So the rest of our chat? What brought this all up? The dream I woke up with. [ I want it on record God, that I greatly dislike putting my ‘stuff’ out there. If I dared to be blatantly disobedient, I would be. I know I’ll get over this, At some point]

The Trump Dream

I was at the White House. I had a female friend with me. She had dark hair. We were walking down a wide hall on the second floor. There was a guy walking toward us, it was “Jay” from Madam Secretary. I wanted him to like me, but he liked my friend and I was more interested meeting the President of the United States, so that was ok. 

We were in the Presidents office. he came in. We talked a bit. It was very informal. 

I wanted to be remembered for something. I wanted other people to know I had been there. I went up to where he was sitting and massaged his shoulders. There was a place that he found was painful on his side, by his ribs, when I massaged it. He was surprised it was there. 

I asked if he liked the massage, he shrugged and said yes. 

It was time to leave, although none of we visitors wanted too. President Trump had to get back to work. The gal friend had on, at this point, a maroon coat and a maroon, knitted, slouch hat. ‘Jay’ had on a very dark green, knitted, slouch hat. It was winter outside. There was snow on the ground, the trees were bare and white. It was cold. 

We all were walking down a wide hallway. We were laughing, the President would smile every so often. I asked President Trump for something from the White House, like a match book or something, so people would know that I had been there. He kept walking, not saying anything. He went down the wide staircase. We all went with him. 

President Trump knew I was afraid to fly and he was trying to get my mind off of it. He showed us the snack place. It was at the bottom of the stairs, there was a popcorn machine, the red and white kind, on a stand, off to the right. It had fresh popcorn in it and round bins of all different flavors, sweet and savory. I knew I couldn’t have the popcorn due to what it does to my gut, so I went into a room on the left. In here were all kinds of stuff. Coffees, sodas, but what caught my eye were all the chocolates. The finest chocolates in the world were in here. I started putting handfuls in my purse. Even though I knew I shouldn’t have sugar. I did it anyway. Then after I filled up my purse, I looked at it and thought, ‘I can’t even eat all that, I need to take it out’.

But before I could take it out, President Trump got us all together, he was trying to get us shooed out. I was trying to take a selfie with him and get him to laugh. Its rare that people aren’t laughing when they are with me. He was so tall. The gal friend and ‘Jay’ were laughing it up over their antics on the left side of Trump, I was on his right side. Then I said something that he thought was funny or something happened he thought was funny and he started laughing and he really loosened up. That’s when i got the selfie with him. He was bent over at the shoulders, toward me, laughing with me. 

I asked him if he would say something in public about me the next time he was in public, so people would know that I’ve been there. I wasn’t sure he had heard me, but I knew he had heard me. 

When I was home I heard on the radio President Trump said, “Janine has faith”.

I thought it would be on tv or a press conference. It was on the RADIO of all places! I thought it was odd but that’s what he said and that’s where he said it. I wondered how in the world did he know I have faith or not? And why did he say THAT as opposed to something else? 


 The day went downhill from when God said, ‘it’s not what they are doing, it’s who they are worshipping’. I thought I figured out a lot of the dream. I don’t eat stuff that physically hurts me, but i do eat stuff that hurts me, but I don’t feel it or see it. Sugar is bad for the bones. I need bone growth. [yes, I’m standing on His Word, even that was brought into this mess yesterday] So I do things I know I shouldn’t, disregarding their effects on me. The flesh is weak. Apparently I only pay attention to those things I can see and feel. 

So my prayer was, ‘Father deliver me from mindsets of fear. Fear to step out, fear to FLY with You. I knew it was NOT fear of flying in an airplane, cause I’m not. I’m afraid to fly with God. Which means I’m not trusting Him. 

I have fear of FREEDOM. [gads what kind of revelation is THAT???] Fear of making a mistake. fear of people, putting more stock in people’s thought of me, than of God’s thoughts of me.  

Right before I went to sleep on 1-5-18, this is what God said to me: Helping people to have visions, see themselves in the room with God, with Jesus, and Jesus healing their little ones. Using flower essences, guided imagery.

I freaked out. I actually said on my note I wrote [in evernote]. oh my God. [I never say that]

I also remembered when I went out back to sit in the rocker, I had had another dream. That dream was that the HUGE passion flower vine I have in my backyard was completely bare of leaves. Completely. 

Then I did a freak out on text to someone. “Is there REALLY enough TIME left to take ME from where I am to where He wants me????? To where YOU are???? Do I HEAR well enough? Can I get PAST the mindsets? Can I? Is it possible to counter the rigidity of Christianity? [other people, not me ] And who the hell am I to think ANYONE will listen to me? Where in the world do I fit in NOW? 

Once I publish a book, or write on a blog or open my mouth, it’s gonna be all over but the shoutin’. Oh, my, God. 

This word that I got from a gal on facebook on 1-5-18: “As I prayed and asked Holy Spirit to show me something for you, this is what I got. I saw in a field you dancing and praising the Lord. Then I saw a dandelion all in seed. I heard the Lord say Blow on it my Daughter and the seeds that you plant will go far and wide. Not to underestimate your words. I am the one that carries them on the wind to many places. You are a planter of many seeds. Your harvest is plentiful. Look into my face and see the joy you bring me. You are my beloved and I am yours. Be filled with Joy this day. For my joy is your strength and I will provide all that you have need of. As you walk and talk with me I will show you many things. Get ready for your harvest. You have planted many seeds.


And I’ve been under attack ever since without realizing it was an attack. I _must_ remember that ‘what if’ is fear. That anything negative in my head, is not God. It’s me or the enemy. If it’s me, then it’s fear and fear is the enemy, so it all goes back to – it’s the enemy or it’s God. I’m the pawn. Why would I ever think bad things of myself? [besides being wired too because of my past, but that’s different]. The Bible says we are the pawns. Ephesians 3:10 New Living Translation: God’s purpose in all this was to use the church [people are the church, NOT a building!] to display his wisdom in its rich variety to all the unseen rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. That makes us pawns. Pawns with a Purpose. PWAP. I’m a PWAP

So the upshot of all this? no leaves on the vine – passion is gone, healing is gone. [no idea, just trying for something]. Trump dream, I have faith. That and 2 bits will get me a hair cut. I need bone growth in my jaw. [yes yes, i hear myself]. 

wow. I think the cat is out of the bag now. Re-reading this for proofing. I might as well publish the book, write the blog and start talking it. I already walk it.







President Trump Dream 1-8-18

I was at the white house. I had a female friend with me. She had dark hair. We were walking down a wide hall. There was a guy walking toward us, it was ‘Jay’ from Madam Secretary. I wanted him to like me, but he liked my friend and I was more interested in the President of the United States, so that was ok. 
We were in the Presidents office. He came in. We talked a bit. It was very informal. 
I wanted to be remembered for something, so I went up to where he was sitting and massaged his shoulders. There was a place that was painful in his right side, he was surprised it was there. I asked if he liked the massage, he shrugged and said yes. 
It was time to leave, although none of us wanted too, President Trump had to get to work. The gal friend had on at this point, a maroon coat and maroon, knitted slouch hat. ‘Jay’ had on a very dark green, knitted, slouch hat. It was winter outside.
We all were walking down a wide hallway, we were laughing, the President would smile every so often. I asked President Trump for something from the White House, like a match book or something, so people would know that I had been there. He kept walking, not saying anything. He went down the staircase. It was wide. We all went with him. 
PT knew I was afraid to fly (with the Lord) and he was trying to get my mind off of it, so we took us to this room where all this really fancy chocolate candy and snacks were. Off to the right, was an oldtime popcorn machine stand, with all different kinds of popcorn and flavors. I knew I couldn’t eat popcorn (digestion), so I went to the little room on the left. It was filled with the finest chocolates in the world and other candy & drinks, hot & cold. I went straight to the chocolates. I started putting handfuls upon handfuls in my purse. 
Even though I knew I shouldn’t have sugar. I still did it anyway. And then after I filled up my purse with it, I looked at it and I thought, “I can’t even eat all that”, that I need to take it out. But before I could take it out, President Trump got us all together, he was trying to get us out. I was trying to take a selfie with him and get him to laugh. He was so tall. He was talking to my girlfriend and the guy, and I wanted to get his face turned toward me, so finally I did. And I took the picture. And then I said something or did something, my girlfriend and Jay were laughing & acting silly. Then PT started laughing at what they were doing, instead of being so straight-laced and uptight, he started laughing, and then he started laughing with me and he really loosened up. And then that’s when I got the selfie with him. It was him, bent over toward me, laughing with me.
I asked him if he would say something in public about me the next time he was in public, so people would know that I’d had been there. I wasn’t sure he had heard me, but I knew he had heard me. ( Wasn’t acknowledged)
When I was home I heard on the radio President Trump said “Janine has faith!”. I thought it would be on TV or a press conference. It was on the RADIO of all places! 
I thought it was odd but that’s what he said and that’s where he said it. And I wondered how did he know I had faith? And why did he say that?

1-5-18 just a convo

God, why did you want me to do THAT, [the essences] instead of something else? Hidden riches in secret places?
G, yes. And more. There are things I want to teach you. 
me, Why me?
G, why not you?
Well, money.
Gd, you’re taken care of, aren’t you?
Me, yes.
G, well then.
Me, well, I want to travel.
God, and so?
Me, so I need more money
And how am I supposed to fit in the book writing stuff and HOW do you want me to publish other’s stories when they haven’t written them yet and HOW do you want me to go about writing them for them? [if you do want me to do that]And just HOW am I supposed to get paid for publishing others’ books?
G, time, time will tell. As you go along, obediently, you will see.
Me, struggling to not sound bad. yes, but it would be very nice to know a part of the plan.
G, the next vision session we have, I’ll tell you some. The sessions are important Janine, stop putting them off.
Yes Lord

What is “IT”????

People say, ‘he has ‘it’’, or “she has ‘it’”. Others say, “what IS ‘it’”?

No one seems to be able to put their finger on ‘it’. Let me tell you what IT is.

It’s an almost ethereal quality that is palpable, but until now, undefinable. It is the total opposite of self-absorbed, self-centered and selfish. 

It’s a part of the personality. It’s confidence, confidence in your personality, in who you are. It’s not depending on one’s looks to get by, it’s one who is interested in others and interesting.

It’s someone with a sense of humor, confident in who they are, what they have to offer. Confident you can make others laugh, or feel good, confidence that is past what you look like, past what you weigh.

“IT” is not something you can achieve, it’s a quality that comes with being kind, considerate, being comfortable in your own skin. Not thinking about your self, but thinking about others.

It’s chutzpah. It’s good looks and a sense of humor. It’s a sexual chutzpah that exudes sexuality which translates into sexiness, but it is not trying to be sexy, it’s not overt, it just is sexy. It’s sexual chutzpah. Confident in how you are received by others, knowing what to say, when and how to say it. 

It’s confidence. Being more interested in listening to others than wanting to talk about yourself. 

It’s joie de vivre. The art of living fully, laughing loudly. 

It’s the same confidence that exudes from you, when you are dressed up or dressed well. Beard trimmed, make-up on. It’s just further than that. It’s a part of the innate personality. It’s not ‘charm’, but charm has something to do with it. 

ALL this translates into a sense of sexiness. It’s less about what you look like, but all about how you live life, make others feel and CONFIDENCE in yourself. 

What Happens After Having Forever Love


Love, it comes in all shapes, all colors.


There are all kinds of love as you know. You have now known forever love. Since you have, you now need to turn your attention to other kinds of love, even, yes even, falling in love again. Now that you have experienced deep love, falling in love and it being reciprocated, which is the true measure of falling in love, now that you have experienced it –

Love refreshed

You can turn your attention to the people in your life now and love with all your heart. Because, like loving God, true love is abiding. It won’t walk away, it won’t turn on you, it is always there, in your heart.

abiding love

Having that deep human need to be loved, filled, it did what it was supposed to do. It activated our hearts to love again. Yes, even falling IN love again. That’s what abiding love does. It means you can love again, with the same heart felt, deep abiding love. It is not a betrayal of the first love, it honors the first love, Because the first love was the opening of your heart TO love and opening our hearts to another means the first love did what it was intended to do. It gave us a *knowing*. That confidence that we are or have been, loved. It filled up our senses and satisfied our souls.

Love is not meant to be kept close to the vest. It is meant to be invested in others. It is meant to be given away in whatever measures the person and situation calls for.

So keep that first love in your heart, keep it there where it fills you up and when it’s time, let it begin to go to that special box you have in your mind, where you keep good memories that make you feel good, but that you don’t revisit often, if at all. It’s just a confident knowing that it’s always there and it was real.

New Love

And go on to live a full life, loving those you are around in the present. Honor the first, true love you had by giving love to another. Knowing, in your heart of hearts, that first, deep, abiding love, started you on the road to sharing love and that it’s still with you.                     


Father, Do I Haveta Put These On…

Father, do I haveta put these on…

God, yes, why do you even ask?

Because they are SO PERSONAL GOD!!

Didn’t I ask you to be poured out this way?

Yes, but that was before, when it didn’t matter so much to me, that i was an open book and now I’m older and I don’t want to be so open. I really don’t want too. I really don’t want too.

God, ‘so what? Would you have me tell you to stop? Janine, you know how many people have stumbled across your site over the years. You know the pages have helped people and yes, there are those that have stolen what you have said and put it on their site. Yes, I will deal with them.

Neveryoumind about what you feel. Neveryoumind. Oh my daughter! YES I love thee, YES I cherish you, you KNOW that, but my people…Janine haven’t you been asking me for a vision of what I would do for the people of the Lord’?

Me, knowing what is coming…’yes Lord’. 

God, ‘this is it. If YOU won’t tell them, who will? I have done MUCH work in you Janine and there is much more to be done.

Me, thanks God [sarcasm]

God, See?? You took the negative, what you thought was negative. You betrayed your self in the thinking. Why didn’t you focus on the positive?

Me, because YOU ended it with the negative??

God, true, for a lesson.

Me, thank you God. [no sarcasm]

God, back to the lesson at hand.

Yes Father.

God, just do it baby girl. I know you don’t like this. I KNOW. I am so pleased you ARE doing it. Take off the thm stuff.

Me, yes Father.

God, this is about you and me. Not you, the world and me, but you and me. 

Yes, Lord. Father, I feel like I’m spilling my guts for all to see. It’s bad enough that I have felt certain ways and been and are ways. It’s bad enough that I’ve struggled for SO LONG with all this, and yes, people have seen it, but not EVERYONE LORD!

God, you’re concerned with judgements.

Yes Lord.

What did I already tell you?

Me, Basically, too bad.

God, Janine, you know I didn’t put it that way. Honey, there will always be people who judge. All you can do is follow me, follow hard after me and do what I tell you to do. Right?

Me, hanging my head, ‘yes Lord’.

God, where’s that smile?

Me, smiled, not a sincere smile.

God, you can do better than that. Where’s that smile?

Me, smiling. ‘I STILL don’t want to put all this out there.

God, ‘why not? leave out the above reasons, why not?

Me, because this is the stuff people hide. It’s the stuff that should be weeded out already, it’s the stuff that is so personal that when people see it, they think less of the person.

God, So that’s it. You don’t want people to think less of you.

Father, yes, I don’t want them too.

But baby girl, don’t you SEE? Everyone feels these ways at different times. All I want you to do is show them it’s normal and to know that I take care of them if they press into me. If they hunger and thirst after righteousness. Don’t you WANT to be poured out for me???

Me, gads God, when you put it THAT way! This is part of the stepping out?

God, yes, in a way.

Me, what do you mean, ‘in a way’?

G I have already told you to do this. Years ago. I expect you to continue until I release you from it. If I do. So this isn’t as much as ‘stepping out’ because you’ve already been doing it. It’s stepping through your fears, your self judgement and setting others free through your obedience.

Me, thank you Father for the explanation. Help me get to the place where I’m happy to do this.

G, I will my girl. I will.

Update 2 hours later: Me, so what it is, is it doesn’t matter how I feel, it matters how other people feel and how much enlightenment they get through me showing my pain and learning.

G, yep. And don’t you worry about it my girl. I am your father and I will protect you and I will never let you down. I love you with everything in me. I love you. You are my cherished daughter, just like you pray every morning. You. Are. My. Cherished. Daughter. 

How to Raise Your Credit Score


The ideal usage of your credit is 6% of less. Get that? Using 6% or less of your credit is what makes you look good on paper.

What is your credit score based on?

     1. The mix of credit you have. Revolving accounts, bank-issued credit card accounts,           installment loans. This accounts for 10% of your FICO score rating.

You can raise your credit score by paying your bills on time, dispute any credit report errors and keep debt under control. You can contact your lenders who may be willing to work with you to set up a different payment schedule OR lower the loan’s interest rate.

Learn to live within your means. Only charge what you can afford to pay off in full at the end of the month.

     2. Payment history, a whopping 35% of your FICO score is based on payment history. Late payments, collections, negative public records, this all is included. This shows lenders you are a good borrower, that you pay off your bills promptly.

     3. Amount of debt; this accounts for 30% of your FICO score. This includes revolving          utilization, accounts with balances, revolving account balance.

 This is trickier than it looks. My Experian score went down 20 points. Twenty points!! I got it figured out though. It’s because I wasn’t carrying a balance on anything. You HAVE to show you DO charge things and you DO pay off over time. but just _some_ things. So I charged some stuff and took two months to pay it off. So when it says to pay off everything in full at the end of the month, you need to carry a balance on your credit card every so often.

 A month after it was paid off, my score went up 13 points. So clearly, I need to do it again.

     4. Credit history length – this accounts for 15% of your FICO credit score. This is in regard to managing different types of credit accounts. What is the average age of your credit history and what is the age of the oldest account is what they look at.

     5. Amount of new credit. When did you open the latest account and how many inquiries were there in the last year. This accounts for 10% of your FICO score. So there you have it. How to get your credit score up. 


Reply to Bethel Church & Community on Kenneth Copeland & more

Bethel church and community on facebook asked me if I know what the gospel is, in no relation to what was being discussed, when I didn’t reply to their goad, they said if someone doesn’t say what the gospel is, they are not saved. This was all in response to the bashing, yet AGAIN, of Kenneth Copeland. Take note: ANYONE who trades on the WELL KNOWN name of another is a liar, a cheat and working as the anti-christ. This is NOT Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. This is several people who have an agenda to hurt the body of Christ. 

what went on before this 

Janine Joi That is not Copeland voice.

Reply1 hr


Janine Joi Even if that quote is attributed to him as anyone listened to the full context? Seems like a lot of people are quick to judge. I have learned a lot from Copeland I have been healed through his ministry of many things. Woe to the people who judge God’s anointed


Reply1 hr


Bethel Church and Christianity Janine Joi
1. Do we see in Scripture that Jesus had to be born again?.

2. Could anyone else have died for our sins and effectively served as the atonement other than Jesus?

3. What is the Gospel?

Reply1 hr


Janine Joi Your point?


Reply1 hr


Janine Joi I did not hear that in the snippets

Reply1 hr


Bethel Church and Christianity Simple questions. What do you think?


Reply57 mins


Janine Joi Truth be told, WE are given the authority God gave Jesus, to operate on earth, so if you wanted to look at it that way, you could say that makes us “little gods”. Anything can be taken out of context by anyone that hates another or what they do or what they have. I have work to do. I’m done with this convo

Reply56 mins

This is what Bethel TV said on FaceBook: all misspellings remain theirs

So what we’ve learned here today are a couple of things:

1. Support of false teachers will not be tolerated here…which Kenneth Copeland has proven himself to be many times over.

2. Many are deceived, which is why we try to ask questions that drive at the potential root of the problem. We want to share truth rather than just send people packing. And in sharing the truth, we hope those on the receiving end will hear the Gospel, and respond positively.

3. When we ask someone to share the Gospel, and they absolutey refuse to do so and even attempt to abruptly exit stage left, that reveals a reality.
The reality is, any genuine believer would willingly share the Gospel.

Any false convert or unbeliever, who doesn’t know the Gospel, will either share a false gospel, or refuse to respond.

Here is THE GOSPEL of Christ as laid out in Scripture:
God created us to be with Him (Gen. 1-2), but our sin separates us from God. (Gen 3)
Sin cannot be removed by doing good works or deeds (Eph. 2:8,9), so paying the price for sin, Jesus – upon living a perfect, holy, blameless life, died on the cross, taking the due punishment for our sin, upon Himself, and thus becoming the sacrificial lamb; by His death for His people (John 10), God has ransomed His sheep.
3 days later, Jesus, under His own power, rose from the dead, conquering sin and death (1 Cor 15:4) and now everyone who believes in Jesus Christ alone has eternal life (John 5:24) and life that is eternal, starts NOW and lasts forever with God. (Acts- Revelation)

Janine, if you’ve never come to Christ in saving Faith, if you’re believing you will be saved by any other means than by Grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone – not by works (Eph 2:8-9; Titus 3:5) – we want to ask you today to repent from your sin and come to Christ for saving Faith.

God’s word tells us, if you repent of your sin and confess with your mouth, that Jesus Christ is Lord, and you believe that wholeheartedly, God WILL save you.

He doesn’t save you to make your life easy, He doesn’t save us to increase our income as we give more money to the Church, and He doesn’t even save us simply as a get-out-of-hell ticket to eternity. 

He saves us from His own wrath, which was poured out on Christ on the cross.

This is the extreme God went through in order to, not make salvation a potential possibility, but to actually redeem His people who have “all sinned and all have fallen short of the glory of God.”

Will you come to Christ in saving faith?
If not, will you consider these things and read the Scriptures above and see if these things are So?
And depending on all of that, feel free to message us at any time.

(No further comments on this reply thread please.)

Here is my reply, all typos left in: “You have your mind twisted. Thinking everyone will tell you the gospel because you ask and if they don’t, they are not saved. I am saved by Grace, thru the atoning blood of Jesus. I am loved by God, Who is a Triune being, as opposed to the ‘trinity’. I speak in tongues, hear from God and it’s not MY faith that is on trial. You are judging another. I support those whose walk shows their talk is on. I read my Bible, I work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. I am not led astray by you or Kenneth Copeland Ministries I have been healed thru Kenneth Copeland Ministries Word of God they share. 

You, Bethel people are like a lot of others that pick things apart. It must be nice to be 100% correct in every thing you say and do. You are doing the disservice here, telling people Kenneth Copeland Ministries is a fraud. 

He has much because he gives much. He is faithful to God and to His Word. If we were as faithful to obey and give, we would have as much also. 

There is no one person who is 100% right all the time. It appears to be the fringe element that doesn’t have, to attack the others that do.

There are a LOT of people who do not read the Bible and do not listen to God and who just follow anyone that will tell them what they want to hear or what they think they just read. FEW search out the Word, narrow is the way and FEW follow it. 

Most people just follow along like stupid dumb sheep, allowing others to tell them what they believe and what they think because they are too lazy to find out for themselves and this is a perfect example of it. 

Whether or not you believe I am saved is none of my business. You judged me for not doing what YOU think I should do. I forgive you. I used to think Bethel church was maybe a good church, but you are huge like Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you have a TON of money like Kenneth Copeland Ministries, but the difference is, you blather on about another co-worker in the Kingdom, while Kenneth Copeland Ministries NEVER does.”


There are SO MANY people who judge another. Not everything Copeland says is 100% right, not everything I say is right, not everything you say is right. WE ALL need each other because irons sharpens iron. People STOP JUDGING someone else on what YOU THINK should be! Stop judging an overweight person as having no self control, no good judgement: Stop judging someone with one arm as not being able to drive, stop judging someone who doesn’t think exactly like you do about xyz. For pete’s sake, if WE don’t get along, if WE, as the body of Jesus, don’t stop infighting, what are we going to do? 

People are complaining about Congress, Trump, etc etc, but look at  your own life. Look at what YOU said and what YOU do. Keep your own house in order, be loving and kind, at the VERY LEAST forgive and STOP attacking each other. STOP IT! We are not doing ANYONE any good by attacking each other. !!!!


When You Know You Are Loved


not perfect

When you know you are loved, you don’t worry AS MUCH about what others think of how you look.

When you know you are loved, you have a calmness about life and relationships and things.


mistakes forgiven

When you know you are loved, you know, deep in your heart that mistakes you make, will be forgiven.


When you know you are loved, you walk straighter, you have a bounce in your step.


When you know you are loved, you have this assuredness in the deep part of your heart that you are not alone, you are worthwhile, you are worthy.





                   When you know you are loved, you have confidence


  • Confidence that you can 
  • Confidence that you’re not a bother
  • Confidence in how you act
  • Confidence in who you are
  • Confidence that you belong
  • Confidence you are protected
  • Confidence not ‘will they like me, but confidence that you are fine if they don’t 

If you know you are loved like this by a human, it points you to how deeply God loves you. If you know you are loved like this by God, you can do exploits. Click To Tweet


To my human – thank you for teaching me, thank you for your patience, for showing me love and for showing me how much God loves me, to what depth, with what kindness.

heart to heart


To my God, thank You for choosing a human with a heart like Yours, to show me to what depth and how much, You love me. Ephesians 3:18

Abundant love

Finding Out God Loves ME

11-22-17 I’m sitting here working on my book and I feel absolutely fine. I feel solid, like there’s no holes in me. and I think that is how you always feel when you know i love you.

Did you ever doubt it? Be honest. Did you wonder? 

God has been telling me to act, walk and talk like I know I’m absolutely loved. So I looked up definitions and wrote them down about how people act when they know this. It all boils down to confidence. 

The only time I could pull from, was when I knew someone loved me. I was trying to remember how I acted, but the memories were fleeting. 


Its this credible, awesome absolute KNOWING, this feeling of being grounded, the feeling of “I can do anything because God loves me”. That I am not wrong, that I am not bad, how could anyone BE bad when God loves them so much? I am not faulty, there’s no mistake. I am loved. 

THAT is how God loves me. 

I’ve been praying for this ‘knowing’ every day for MONTHS. and now I know. I know because you kept me in your heart and you love me. 

Hows that for heavy? and delightful? 

And that is why I don’t need to talk to you all the time, every day, [like before]. That is why I encourage you to be the best you can be where you are. So you can know, when all is said and done, you did your best.  

And I know that I know, I’m in your heart and God loves me. 

This knowing, is what you’ve had all along. This knowing, in the deep bottom of your heart, you know you love me and it hasn’t bothered you and you haven’t been worried about it. Just like God’s love. _THAT_ is what I’ve always been amazed at, this KNOWING that people have. And now I know it too. I know I have a Father. Not only that, but I can say, “I have a Father Who loves me” and know it’s true.