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Fight the Flu and Colds

Apparently in 1925 Arm and Hammer, who made/makes sodium bicarbonate [baking soda], wrote a

A Friend in Need

book called “A Friend In Need” In this book were instructions on how to make the body more alkaline. We want our bodies slightly more alkaline, because when they are too acidic, that’s when we tend to get sick. 0-7 is acidic, 7-14 is alkaline.

According to Dr. Volney S. Cheney, the author of the 1924 “Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Medical Uses,” sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, showed clinical success when used in the treatment of colds and flu.

He explains that back in the flu season of 1918-1919, those who used baking soda to alkalize their body didn’t catch the disease. Also, those who did catch it, had mild attacks if alkanalized early.

Because baking soda is pretty much neutralizing the stomach acid, make sure you take it at least 1 hour before eating and 2 hours after eating.

  • Day 1 — Take six doses of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in glass of cool water, at about two-hour intervals
  • Day 2 — Take four doses of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in glass of cool water, at the same intervals
  • Day 3 — Take two doses of ½ teaspoon of baking soda in glass of cool water morning and evening, and thereafter ½ teaspoon in glass of cool water each morning until cold symptoms are gone

It is said to be best utilized when one first starts getting sick. I’m full blown in the middle of being sick. I don’t have the flu, but I have a nasty cough and my sinuses are full. I took my first glass at 3:45p 2-8-18. Let’s see how things change. I will post updates here. Well, I’ll try to remember to. It’s 78F in the house and I have the heater on because I’m chilly. So I’ll do my best to update. 🙂

4:30p I ate 2 oranges and feel a lot better. I feel like I have some energy. 

It stalked into camp when the day was damp

And chilly and cold.

It crept by the guards

And murdered my pards

With a hand that was clammy and bony and bold;

And its breath was icy and mouldy and dank,

And it killed so speedy

And gloatingly greedy

That it took away men from each company rank.

From The Flu by Private Josh Lee, 1919

Here is a link with letters from mothers and others. Interesting. The flu of 1918-1919 was a pandemic and it killed 45,000 troops, more than the war that killed 26,000 troops. World-wide it killed between 20 and 40 million people.

Some say this flu of 2018 is a Biblical plague, meaning on a large scale, sent from heaven. The word plague is a bacteria, pandemic means everywhere – world-wide. Some say this flu was put ‘out there’ by the government to get rid of a lot of people and some say it’s what’s in the chemicals in the chemtrails they spray on us. Admitted to by a Congressman, 2017. What do you think?

Do you think it is a governmental nefarious plot? Do you think parts of Revelation in the Bible are beginning to come true? Or do you think that it’s just happening, no reason behind it?