How She Thinks

People, Marketing, Brainwashing

I wrote this to a fellow who is the best at the psychology within and behind selling. Lots of us have our favorites, this guy is it for me. He gets down to it. His name is Nick Kolenda. This post is pretty intense but this is my journal, so I get to write what I want too, cause it’s about me, what I learn, what I think. 

“You are the only one I have read, that has made sense to me. I don’t have to read what you write 7 times because i didn’t ‘get it’ on the first 6. You don’t speak marketing gibberish. You get to the bottom of ‘it’ and that’s where I think, and you put into words what I feel but can’t bring up to the ‘making sense of it’ place in my head. 

Putting all of the marketing ‘info’ together with what you say on things, lately the numbers are male or female, I realized today, 12-25-16 on my walk around the block, that people don’t want honest, they want what they have been TRAINED to want. They want a sale, but not money off. They don’t want a freebie because they’re a good customer, they want a freebie because it’s attached to an email. People don’t want honest prices or an honest person, they want a person, not that is dishonest, but a person that follows what they have been trained to want. Most don’t think for themselves, they’re sheep.
How it works
So I have to find a persona that I am comfortable with, that will jive with what these sheep think they want, because they’re so frigging brainwashed, they don’t know what they really want and they don’t _want_ to know, they don’t want anything rocking the boat. 


And then people wonder at natural selection, IF they think at all. They look around them and wonder, how in the F this happened, and don’t even realize they are the frog in the water”. 

Natural selection