How She Thinks

When You Know You Are Loved


not perfect

When you know you are loved, you don’t worry AS MUCH about what others think of how you look.

When you know you are loved, you have a calmness about life and relationships and things.


mistakes forgiven

When you know you are loved, you know, deep in your heart that mistakes you make, will be forgiven.


When you know you are loved, you walk straighter, you have a bounce in your step.


When you know you are loved, you have this assuredness in the deep part of your heart that you are not alone, you are worthwhile, you are worthy.





                   When you know you are loved, you have confidence


  • Confidence that you can 
  • Confidence that you’re not a bother
  • Confidence in how you act
  • Confidence in who you are
  • Confidence that you belong
  • Confidence you are protected
  • Confidence not ‘will they like me, but confidence that you are fine if they don’t 

If you know you are loved like this by a human, it points you to how deeply God loves you. If you know you are loved like this by God, you can do exploits. Click To Tweet


To my human – thank you for teaching me, thank you for your patience, for showing me love and for showing me how much God loves me, to what depth, with what kindness.

heart to heart


To my God, thank You for choosing a human with a heart like Yours, to show me to what depth and how much, You love me. Ephesians 3:18

Abundant love

Remembering Love

11-22-17 I’m watching vids from long ago. I REMEMBER why you loved me so much. Because you are ‘the man’ with me. If you can take that and apply it to your life where you are, you will be happier I think. 

It’s godly for a man to protect and take charge. It’s not godly for a woman to take charge. While men have to learn how to be with a woman – and sometimes it takes a long time – they still have to be in charge and the woman MUST stop being in charge. Esp women that are strong women, or women that were single moms. Women have learned they must be in charge because of circumstances.

But when they are around men, they need to be able to let the female side of them surface, not the take charge side. that’s hard. 

Men tend to be lazy and not work hard at being in charge because they would rather just ‘let her do it, she wants too’. but that’s a lie, women don’t _want_ too, they were forced too at some point in their lives. Some women haven’t learned the balance of being a strong woman and allowing the man to lead. 

For some reason, you and I had it the correct way. We both liked it and it worked. That’s how God intended it to be.  

So take this lesson and apply it to your life now. Figure out whatever you need to figure out on what made you feel so good when you thought, ‘yeah, you’re my girl’. because thinking that way, is thinking in a protective way. Thinking ‘you’re my woman’ you saw me in a different way, an equal. 

Figure it out and be happy where you are.

I am not at all threatened by this. Because I know where I am inside you. I seriously thought you had forgotten about me.  If you work at it and are happy where you are, in what you’re doing, everything will feel better and work out better. it’s HARD work. But worth it. 

Even if you get to where you are so happy in your life that we don’t talk anymore, except as occasional friends from LONG ago, It’s ok. because you need to do and be – what God has called you to do and be. God makes lemon chiffon pie out of lemons. Not just common lemonade. He turns our ashes into beauty. He makes things right. We need to lean into Him. And I know, oh! I know today, how deeply I am in God’s heart, because of you. 

I will love you forever.