How She Thinks

TCR 12-15-18 thru 12-17-18


I’m sitting at a highly polished, wooden table with Jesus. And he’s serving me. He’s bringing me a cup and saucer and I’m bewildered, Shouldn’t I serve you?

No, I serve you. I always have.

I am just bewildered. I’m looking quizzically with my brow furrowed.

Then he says “well I can sit down and the angels can serve us”. So he sits down, and the angels serve us. They’re bringing cups and saucers and coffee and it fades away.

Jesus said “I do it this way when people first start coming to heaven so things won’t be so strange for them. They will see things as they’re used to them, but as time goes on, you won’t need these earthly ways of doing things. I don’t do things here in heaven the same way you do them on earth. Things are different here”.

He held out his hands to me and I put my hands in his and then I put my head on his hands and he stroked the back of my hair – my head. I went to bed because he was loving on me.


The second time I went to the table it was the same polished wood, beautiful wood, and he put his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder and he said he’d lay with me on the bed with my head on his chest. So I went to bed like that.


Third Time it’s a round, glass tempered table. It had white doilies on it and a three-layered plate with petit fours on it and tea, or coffee, whichever I want. There was gold edging on the table, and the petit fours have pink icing, the way petit fours are supposed to be. Very pretty.

I believe it’s tea. Angels are serving us at the table. Jesus is always on the far side and he’s already there.

Jesus is leading me by the hand beside a brook and it’s all grassy and pretty. I asked Jesus, “how come I talk to God and God talks to me but it’s always Jesus that I see with me”? Jesus laughed and said, “because we are one and the same”. I asked “do you want me to call you something else instead of always calling him God? Do you want me to call you Holy Spirit or Jesus or something?”

“No, you can call me whatever you want.”

“where are we going?”

“up here a little way”.

I saw a playground with some monkey bars and swings. “Why is there a playground? And why do I feel so young”?

“because I’m going to heal you of some things from your childhood”.

I started crying and I said ‘Thank you. Will you show me colors? What are we going to do?”

“We’re going to just talk a little bit and share’.

 “Will you show me colors of the birds? Will you show me colors of heaven and food and all that’?

Jesus said “of course I will, but I want to heal you of some things first”.

‘thank you’.

“Do you want me to do anything Dad?”

He smiled gently and said “no. I’m really glad that you see me as your father now. That’s been a really important thing for you. There’s nothing that I want you to do. I just want you to spend time with me here and as you spend time with me here, I will heal you. There’s nothing for you to do Janine. You don’t have to do anything, you don’t have to measure up. You don’t have to say the right thing. As we talk and commune with each other and just talk, I will heal you. Come back often my daughter”

“I will Daddy!!!”

“What are we going to eat? Will you show me food in heaven? What are we going to eat? “

I heard nothing, I didn’t see where he was. ‘DADDY! Daddy!!’ I yelled with panic in my voice.

“Here I am. I want you to know that all you have to do is call for me. I will be right there. You may not see me, you may not feel me there with you, just know I am always with you. Just like you know someone always loves you, I am always with you.”

“You’re getting a lot of mileage out of that relationship aren’t you father?

“Yes I am my girl. Quite a bit, there was so much you needed to know, so much you needed to learn, so much you needed to have and so much you needed to receive.”

I see blueberries, but they’re purple and they’re sparkling. It’s like fruit made out of sequins! It’s a bowl piled high and heaping over with blueberries that are purple and shiny and sparkling.

And I see shiny translucent leaves, ‘God are those to eat’? Jesus laughed, and said ‘yes of course they are. Pick one up, you’ll see it falls through your fingers’.

I did pick one up, and it did fall through my fingers. ‘That was so weird father how do I eat it if it falls through my fingers’?

“Command it to stay together”.

Me, “Leaves I command you to stay together.”

So I ate one, and it was cool, and it was slick, it was not slimy, it tasted like green, like lime. It was fresh, I couldn’t describe it. It wasn’t tart, but it tasted kind of like it was tart, but it wasn’t. Kind of like a cucumber, cool and refreshing like a cucumber.

The sun is out, it’s a nice day. ‘Father? Why aren’t there any other kids here’?

“This is a date for you and I” He said.

‘Daddy, what are those square brown things’?

‘Pick one up and see’ he said

So I picked it up, and I turned it around, I looked at it, he said ‘rub the edges’ because the edges are very hard it seemed. So I rubbed the edges and it was soft and came off like meringue. They weren’t hard like it looked. They were square and brown, very dark brown, shiny. It felt like it was solid as well. But it was meringue and something else.

So I put it in my mouth, in my eyes grow big and wide! “Lord,! It’s sweet”!

Jesus laughed, and said “yes I know. We have sweets up here too!”

‘Daddy, will you heal me when I sleep too? I’m tired of being a little kid all the time. I can come back anytime, can’t I’?  

God said ‘yes you can, however when you start growing up and when you’re healed at the little one stage, the little one doesn’t come back so much anymore. Janine everybody starts here. Everybody starts at the child stage to be healed and to be refreshed and healed in thoughts, emotions, spirit and bodies’.

‘Father? It’s just that I’ve been dealing with the little ones inside me for so long’. God said, ‘yes I know, you’ve had a lot of things happen to you. I am going to heal your bones in this time. And it will take as long as it takes. Don’t fret about it Janine just flow with it, go with it.

‘father how am I supposed to start the things you’ve told me to do when I don’t know how am I supposed to be obedient to you, when you don’t tell me what you want? And your timing is not my timing so this healing might not be all that long’.

God, “bingo”.

‘Well father, the book is almost finished. I’m sorry it took me so long’.

G, ‘I forgive you baby girl’.

‘Daddy, I give you as long as you want, because your purpose is always perfect for me. I ask your forgiveness for chafing at the bit in Jesus name’.

‘I forgive you. You know I want what is best for you. Thank you for giving me carte blanche and the time’.

‘You’re really thanking me God?’

Yes, because it’s always easier, as you have already learned, to work with me, than any other way’.

‘Can I come back’?

‘Are you done now’?

‘Yes God, I’m tired and it’s hard to focus’.

‘Yes we can be done now. Come back with me every day. Come back and visit with me’.

‘Yes father, thank you for asking me. Thank you for healing me. (whispering) I love you back’.


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