1-26-18 prophesy in a restaurant, gardens,

A bunch of women. A  bunch of dogs. Someone prophesied over me in a restaurant.
She said you are to send your son to  and it was either Starwest school or NOT starwest school, not these other two schools that she named. NO MATTER WHAT YOU HEAR people tell you, no matter what you think of the other schools. They have scholarships you can get. I had heard it was a private school. My son was very small like 6 or 7.
Which was the same thing someone had told me earlier.
The gal that told me this was slightly taller than me, short dark hair and very friendly. All the women here were friendly. Some other gal came up and I was excitedly telling her what these two had told me, I was swaying back and forth and then I was on the floor, slain in the spirit.
I knew that everyone was looking at me. I was between two tables and it was awkward, my feet were crossed and up on the legs of a chair, it was weird and I knew it, but I was just reveling and feeling Holy Spirit all over me. I was happy.
There was a room where pregnant girls were going to give birth. Some of these girls were very young, one looked like she was 12 or younger. They were all very tiny girls, and shorter than me. They were going into this tiny room to have their babies. I went in this room, taken in by someone giving me a tour, saw some newborns and left, going by girls through the doorway, squeezing by, that were going in.
There was a military kitchen, a bunch of women were there, sitting on stools at a counter, turned around facing us as we came in. It didn’t look like much of a kitchen. One woman said yes all these people come here and she started naming names that were supposedly celebrity type names. One name she said was Joe Sammis. Someone I knew when I was young. I said, Joe Sammis? Joe Sammis comes here? That made me curious and wonder what was going on, because it was a military kitchen and he wasn’t military. She said yes and another woman was shepherding me out of there, thru a smaller, side room, telling the women there that I knew Joe for years. I wondered how she knew. It seemed to be secretive, although they seemed pleasant and friendly. 
I went through a room that was a barracks and it was all these beds. I said ‘I recognize that’, it was a bed with several pairs of socks laid out on it. There was someone leading me through these rooms, and I said ‘yes, I was a WAC’ and she was leading me out the door. Only one or two knew what that was.
All this time I was looking for my dog. I got to this room it was a bar. There were military men there. One guy was lighting a cigar with some new-fangled lighter another was doing the same thing with a different new fangled lighter, but it looked more familiar. Sgt showed me a telephone it was very high on the wall with a loudspeaker type thing. And he reached up and he was saying what kind of dog is it? And I said it’s part Jack Russell and part poodle and his name is Pico, he’s 14lbs.
So he got on the old fashioned telephone, the kind on the wall, where you hang up the ear part on a hook and started talking, long and slow, “it’s part cheee wah wah and poodle”. Was he trying to be funny?  I laughed and touched his arm and said “no, he’s part jack russell and part poodle and his name is Pico” Everyone on the phone could hear me and he held out the ear part receiver so they would.
Then I was in some room that was very long and I thought it was someone’s home, and I walked through one home after another, and there was all these artworks and delicious good things to eat, and I got to this final room and there was things to eat that I hadn’t seen before but looked good. Very good things and books and paintings and grapes and long grape tendrils – it was so pretty in there – and ice cream. Chocolate and a dark purplish one in the shape of a book or pages. The ODDEST looking thing and too big to eat really. But I daintily grabbed one and ate it as I walked out the door to the outside, preparing to leave. The outside was as beautiful as the inside. Wide expanse of garden. Dirt could be seen, it was all on a sloping hillside. Roses, cosmos [light, airy, tall flowers], bushes dotting the landscape. There was a beautiful staircase. Old, weathered wood, long sliver-like pieces coming off in spots, rounded edges, like eucalyptus wood. Weathered white and grey. Very wide. I walked down the stairs and they were very long from the top of the hill to the bottom. They were very elegant. There is a gal walking down in front of me and she had on a flowy dress. I also had on a dress, and as I stepped down this long staircase, my dress would billow out, like an elegant ladies’ would. I got to the bottom and I said that was so pretty! And I looked up to the house up on the top and it was actually a house turned into an art store/studio of some sort.
I went somewhere and I found my dog somebody had taken him as their own, I had to go through all these dogs that looked very similar to mine. And some of them acted like they were mine, like they knew who I was. They were all little. small. white dogs. Cute but none of them are mine. And then I went into a room and there was my dog and somebody had a chain/leash on him and when he saw me, he was so excited, he broke the chain and came running to me. I picked him up. He could hear me calling him, but couldn’t come because he was chained up. But when he saw me, he broke free. 
I got in a car with my dog. Somebody was trying to stop me, the car was packed with all of my belongings. It was like a van. There were two seats in the front, some gal got in next to me and I backed out, while someone tried to block me in with their cadillac long car, but he couldn’t. [he had a mustache and looked evil]. Others tried to block me in, but I backed out and manuevered my way out. I woke up.

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