Alert-Why I Haven’t Been Posting

I haven’t been updating this blog recently because I’ve been working on my non profit, Doors To Joy, Inc.

The Cork Road story is being published over there.  I haven’t yet figured out what I’ll post here and what I’ll post there in the way of revelations and such. The purpose of my life is to be transparent. Gads, the older I get the harder it is to graciously agree with God to do it.  Funny, all these years of wondering the purpose of my life in one sentence, and there it is. wow. NOW, this minute 10.52a.m. 1-17-20, I UNDERSTAND what Dad meant when he said *I* am the gift as much as the gifts he gives me to share.

I have SO MANY teachings the Lord has given me in the last year. December 2019 was a prolific month. It had me swirling in confusion, anger and betrayal.

I have subscribers here! Would you please consider subscribing to Doors To Joy blog as well? It would boost my confidence. 🙂

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