Blamers, Fault Finders, Flower Essence Help

5-16-17 There are basically two types of people in this world. Three maybe, but I’m sticking with two. Those that blame and those that don’t blame. 

It’s YOUR fault

There are people in this world that are perfectionists. For the most part, from what I have seen and experienced, perfectionists are not blamers. I’m not a blamer, never have been. If anyone said, ‘Janine blamed me’ you’d know they were lying, because I don’t blame.

There are also people that do blame. I would say most of the people in the world blame. Or maybe they’re more vocal about it. Blamers don’t see the things they do or say. They don’t hear themselves.  I think there are different levels of blamers. There ARE some that take responsibility, some don’t. They pay their bills and all, but when it comes to taking responsibility for a personal thing, they tend to blame others. 


So when a non-blamer hears something like that, BECAUSE we don’t blame, we don’t tend to hit back with a quick remark, because that would be…blaming. We don’t know how to blame. It’s against our nature. 

When I was taking Take No Blame, the flower essence God told me to use, I learned I was to stop taking blame for things. That it’s mostly not me and to stop taking the blame. What a freedom that brought! 

So now I need to pray on how to handle the blame that comes my way. Maybe I’m only to pray for that person and not say something. Sometimes I physically step back, sometimes I just do it in my spirit. Either way I don’t accept that barb or allow it to stick to me.

If you are a person that others tend to blame and you take it, that means it’s sticking to you and I command that demonic spirit to leave you now in the name of Jesus. You do NOT need to accept barbs aimed at you. Just step back, imperceptibly or not, and don’t take it. Let them fly on by.

If you are a person that tends to blame, I pray you check yourself and your motives. Take responsibility for your actions, confusion or whatever it is. When you blame others, you are avoiding some truth about yourself. 



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