Finding Out God Loves ME

11-22-17 I’m sitting here working on my book and I feel absolutely fine. I feel solid, like there’s no holes in me. and I think that is how you always feel when you know i love you.

Did you ever doubt it? Be honest. Did you wonder? 

God has been telling me to act, walk and talk like I know I’m absolutely loved. So I looked up definitions and wrote them down about how people act when they know this. It all boils down to confidence. 

The only time I could pull from, was when I knew someone loved me. I was trying to remember how I acted, but the memories were fleeting. 


Its this credible, awesome absolute KNOWING, this feeling of being grounded, the feeling of “I can do anything because God loves me”. That I am not wrong, that I am not bad, how could anyone BE bad when God loves them so much? I am not faulty, there’s no mistake. I am loved. 

THAT is how God loves me. 

I’ve been praying for this ‘knowing’ every day for MONTHS. and now I know. I know because you kept me in your heart and you love me. 

Hows that for heavy? and delightful? 

And that is why I don’t need to talk to you all the time, every day, [like before]. That is why I encourage you to be the best you can be where you are. So you can know, when all is said and done, you did your best.  

And I know that I know, I’m in your heart and God loves me. 

This knowing, is what you’ve had all along. This knowing, in the deep bottom of your heart, you know you love me and it hasn’t bothered you and you haven’t been worried about it. Just like God’s love. _THAT_ is what I’ve always been amazed at, this KNOWING that people have. And now I know it too. I know I have a Father. Not only that, but I can say, “I have a Father Who loves me” and know it’s true. 




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