Halloween as a Christian, Yes or No?

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I believe it’s absolutely wrong as a follower of Jesus to participate in any way in halloween. There are those that feel it’s fine to do so, I am not one of them. There are those that say they ‘pray over each child that comes to their door as they give them candy’.

There is a tremendous amount of murders, rapes, adult and child snatching, blood letting and other things that go on for this day and night and the weeks leading up to it. How do I know this? I used to work for an agency in California where these crimes would regularly come across our desks. Always, during the days and weeks leading up to halloween, the details would be more gruesome, the things that happened would be worse than at other times of the year. Often it would be noted someone was a satan worshipper. 

Check out the recent interview CBN had with an ex Satanist regarding halloween. It’s not just the intent behind this night, it’s also the actions and that gives Satan a legal right to come in to a person’s life if they participate. It’s not a ‘celebration’, it’s participation. There is a different between a holy day aka holiday, and a day of participation. If you don’t participate in playing with ouija boards, or tarot cards, why would you play with halloween things? 

Whether or not one feels it is or is not right to participate, depends on what you have personally heard from the Lord on what to do, as well as your knowledge of where it comes from and your own, personal background. I would not want to be known as the house where Christians live and where they also participate in halloween. No child or anyone else for that matter, would know they are being prayed over. And praying over children can happen every single day in your neighborhood. It does not have to be just only on 1 day. I would hope those that use the excuse ‘we are praying over each child that comes to our door’ would be praying over these children every single day. Jesus has called us to be lights in the world of darkness, so if you want to participate I would suggest letting your light shine in a way that is obviously of Jesus. Not silently praying over someone. 

If someone wants to participate, plan it out, like some do for Christmas displays. And make it about a SEEN Savior, not handing out a tract which will be thrown away to make more room for candy in the bag. Not “praying silently over each child”. 

Here’s something to think about:  Person A: ‘are there any Christians in the neighborhood’?  B” yes, there’s some down at that house, but I don’t know how ‘christian’ they are, they celebrate halloween’. 
A. ‘celebrate halloween?? What do you mean, they ‘celebrate’ it’? 
B, ‘they give out candy and dress up and their kids go out getting candy too.’
1 Thess 5:22, abstain from the appearance of evil. 
Ro 14:16 do not let what you consider good, be spoken of as evil. 

It’s kind of like cussing, if the only words you can come up with when angry are the generally accepted cuss words, [not curse, but cuss] then that speaks of your intelliect and self control at the moment.  
If the only way you can show kids you love them is on halloween, that’s a sorry thing to say. 
I would NEVER want someone to say about me, ‘oh yeah, she’s a Christian and she celebrates halloween too’. 

                                                          I celebrate good things, halloween isn’t one of them.

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