Men In Charge-Women Relinquish


It’s godly [God-like] for a man to protect and take charge. It’s not godly for a woman to take charge. While men have to learn how to be with a woman – and sometimes it takes a long time – they still have to be in charge and the woman must stop being in charge. Especially women that are strong women, or women that were single moms. women have learned they must be in charge because of circumstances.

When women are around men, they need to be able to let the female side of them surface, not the take charge side. That is hard, switching back and forth and some women never attain it. 

Men tend to be lazy and not work hard at being in charge because they would rather just ‘let her do it, she wants too’. But that’s a lie, women don’t want too, they were forced too at some point in their lives. Also, some women haven’t learned the balance of being a strong woman and allowing the man to lead. It’s an art.

When a husband and wife have the headship correctly, it works. The marriage works. That’s how God intended it to be.  

For a man to say, “you’re my girl”, it speaks of something deeply inside him that is different from the deep emotion attached to “you’re my woman”. “You’re my girl is protective, as a man should be toward a woman. “You’re my woman” is thinking like an equal, still protective, but on an equal basis.

God makes lemon chiffon pie out of lemons. When we mess up in our choices, God can and does turn it around if we lean into Him and do our best.  

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