President Trump Dream 1-8-18

I was at the white house. I had a female friend with me. She had dark hair. We were walking down a wide hall. There was a guy walking toward us, it was ‘Jay’ from Madam Secretary. I wanted him to like me, but he liked my friend and I was more interested in the President of the United States, so that was ok. 
We were in the Presidents office. He came in. We talked a bit. It was very informal. 
I wanted to be remembered for something, so I went up to where he was sitting and massaged his shoulders. There was a place that was painful in his right side, he was surprised it was there. I asked if he liked the massage, he shrugged and said yes. 
It was time to leave, although none of us wanted too, President Trump had to get to work. The gal friend had on at this point, a maroon coat and maroon, knitted slouch hat. ‘Jay’ had on a very dark green, knitted, slouch hat. It was winter outside.
We all were walking down a wide hallway, we were laughing, the President would smile every so often. I asked President Trump for something from the White House, like a match book or something, so people would know that I had been there. He kept walking, not saying anything. He went down the staircase. It was wide. We all went with him. 
PT knew I was afraid to fly (with the Lord) and he was trying to get my mind off of it, so we took us to this room where all this really fancy chocolate candy and snacks were. Off to the right, was an oldtime popcorn machine stand, with all different kinds of popcorn and flavors. I knew I couldn’t eat popcorn (digestion), so I went to the little room on the left. It was filled with the finest chocolates in the world and other candy & drinks, hot & cold. I went straight to the chocolates. I started putting handfuls upon handfuls in my purse. 
Even though I knew I shouldn’t have sugar. I still did it anyway. And then after I filled up my purse with it, I looked at it and I thought, “I can’t even eat all that”, that I need to take it out. But before I could take it out, President Trump got us all together, he was trying to get us out. I was trying to take a selfie with him and get him to laugh. He was so tall. He was talking to my girlfriend and the guy, and I wanted to get his face turned toward me, so finally I did. And I took the picture. And then I said something or did something, my girlfriend and Jay were laughing & acting silly. Then PT started laughing at what they were doing, instead of being so straight-laced and uptight, he started laughing, and then he started laughing with me and he really loosened up. And then that’s when I got the selfie with him. It was him, bent over toward me, laughing with me.
I asked him if he would say something in public about me the next time he was in public, so people would know that I’d had been there. I wasn’t sure he had heard me, but I knew he had heard me. ( Wasn’t acknowledged)
When I was home I heard on the radio President Trump said “Janine has faith!”. I thought it would be on TV or a press conference. It was on the RADIO of all places! 
I thought it was odd but that’s what he said and that’s where he said it. And I wondered how did he know I had faith? And why did he say that?

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