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Bethel church and community on facebook asked me if I know what the gospel is, in no relation to what was being discussed, when I didn’t reply to their goad, they said if someone doesn’t say what the gospel is, they are not saved. This was all in response to the bashing, yet AGAIN, of Kenneth Copeland. Take note: ANYONE who trades on the WELL KNOWN name of another is a liar, a cheat and working as the anti-christ. This is NOT Bethel Church in Redding, Ca. This is several people who have an agenda to hurt the body of Christ. 

what went on before this 

Janine Joi That is not Copeland voice.

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Janine Joi Even if that quote is attributed to him as anyone listened to the full context? Seems like a lot of people are quick to judge. I have learned a lot from Copeland I have been healed through his ministry of many things. Woe to the people who judge God’s anointed


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Bethel Church and Christianity Janine Joi
1. Do we see in Scripture that Jesus had to be born again?.

2. Could anyone else have died for our sins and effectively served as the atonement other than Jesus?

3. What is the Gospel?

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Janine Joi Your point?


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Janine Joi I did not hear that in the snippets

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Bethel Church and Christianity Simple questions. What do you think?


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Janine Joi Truth be told, WE are given the authority God gave Jesus, to operate on earth, so if you wanted to look at it that way, you could say that makes us “little gods”. Anything can be taken out of context by anyone that hates another or what they do or what they have. I have work to do. I’m done with this convo

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This is what Bethel TV said on FaceBook: all misspellings remain theirs

So what we’ve learned here today are a couple of things:

1. Support of false teachers will not be tolerated here…which Kenneth Copeland has proven himself to be many times over.

2. Many are deceived, which is why we try to ask questions that drive at the potential root of the problem. We want to share truth rather than just send people packing. And in sharing the truth, we hope those on the receiving end will hear the Gospel, and respond positively.

3. When we ask someone to share the Gospel, and they absolutey refuse to do so and even attempt to abruptly exit stage left, that reveals a reality.
The reality is, any genuine believer would willingly share the Gospel.

Any false convert or unbeliever, who doesn’t know the Gospel, will either share a false gospel, or refuse to respond.

Here is THE GOSPEL of Christ as laid out in Scripture:
God created us to be with Him (Gen. 1-2), but our sin separates us from God. (Gen 3)
Sin cannot be removed by doing good works or deeds (Eph. 2:8,9), so paying the price for sin, Jesus – upon living a perfect, holy, blameless life, died on the cross, taking the due punishment for our sin, upon Himself, and thus becoming the sacrificial lamb; by His death for His people (John 10), God has ransomed His sheep.
3 days later, Jesus, under His own power, rose from the dead, conquering sin and death (1 Cor 15:4) and now everyone who believes in Jesus Christ alone has eternal life (John 5:24) and life that is eternal, starts NOW and lasts forever with God. (Acts- Revelation)

Janine, if you’ve never come to Christ in saving Faith, if you’re believing you will be saved by any other means than by Grace alone, through faith alone, in Jesus Christ alone – not by works (Eph 2:8-9; Titus 3:5) – we want to ask you today to repent from your sin and come to Christ for saving Faith.

God’s word tells us, if you repent of your sin and confess with your mouth, that Jesus Christ is Lord, and you believe that wholeheartedly, God WILL save you.

He doesn’t save you to make your life easy, He doesn’t save us to increase our income as we give more money to the Church, and He doesn’t even save us simply as a get-out-of-hell ticket to eternity. 

He saves us from His own wrath, which was poured out on Christ on the cross.

This is the extreme God went through in order to, not make salvation a potential possibility, but to actually redeem His people who have “all sinned and all have fallen short of the glory of God.”

Will you come to Christ in saving faith?
If not, will you consider these things and read the Scriptures above and see if these things are So?
And depending on all of that, feel free to message us at any time.

(No further comments on this reply thread please.)

Here is my reply, all typos left in: “You have your mind twisted. Thinking everyone will tell you the gospel because you ask and if they don’t, they are not saved. I am saved by Grace, thru the atoning blood of Jesus. I am loved by God, Who is a Triune being, as opposed to the ‘trinity’. I speak in tongues, hear from God and it’s not MY faith that is on trial. You are judging another. I support those whose walk shows their talk is on. I read my Bible, I work out my own salvation with fear and trembling. I am not led astray by you or Kenneth Copeland Ministries I have been healed thru Kenneth Copeland Ministries Word of God they share. 

You, Bethel people are like a lot of others that pick things apart. It must be nice to be 100% correct in every thing you say and do. You are doing the disservice here, telling people Kenneth Copeland Ministries is a fraud. 

He has much because he gives much. He is faithful to God and to His Word. If we were as faithful to obey and give, we would have as much also. 

There is no one person who is 100% right all the time. It appears to be the fringe element that doesn’t have, to attack the others that do.

There are a LOT of people who do not read the Bible and do not listen to God and who just follow anyone that will tell them what they want to hear or what they think they just read. FEW search out the Word, narrow is the way and FEW follow it. 

Most people just follow along like stupid dumb sheep, allowing others to tell them what they believe and what they think because they are too lazy to find out for themselves and this is a perfect example of it. 

Whether or not you believe I am saved is none of my business. You judged me for not doing what YOU think I should do. I forgive you. I used to think Bethel church was maybe a good church, but you are huge like Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you have a TON of money like Kenneth Copeland Ministries, but the difference is, you blather on about another co-worker in the Kingdom, while Kenneth Copeland Ministries NEVER does.”


There are SO MANY people who judge another. Not everything Copeland says is 100% right, not everything I say is right, not everything you say is right. WE ALL need each other because irons sharpens iron. People STOP JUDGING someone else on what YOU THINK should be! Stop judging an overweight person as having no self control, no good judgement: Stop judging someone with one arm as not being able to drive, stop judging someone who doesn’t think exactly like you do about xyz. For pete’s sake, if WE don’t get along, if WE, as the body of Jesus, don’t stop infighting, what are we going to do? 

People are complaining about Congress, Trump, etc etc, but look at  your own life. Look at what YOU said and what YOU do. Keep your own house in order, be loving and kind, at the VERY LEAST forgive and STOP attacking each other. STOP IT! We are not doing ANYONE any good by attacking each other. !!!!


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