Bridges Between Jesus and Us

When we are not with the Lord everyday in the morning, then a bridge a wall starts to be built up across the bridge that is built between us.
we have to get with the Lord in the morning, or whenever our day starts, because that is the start of our day.
What we put in our heads at the very beginning of our day, determines what will guide us the during the day. Especially in the finer points of the day. Like when we are angry, or someone cuts us off on the road.
We have to renew our minds in the word everyday. It washes our minds free of clutter. And renews our mind and our spirit with good things, which enables us to think more clearly, and to have a chance to act and react, and a godly way.
When we spend time with the Lord everyday a bridge is built between us and him.
This is essentially, the bridge of praise, worship, and prayer.
When we miss even one day, essentially what it does is it puts a rock in the entryway of that bridge. The more we miss, the higher the rocks are piled. Until sometimes, it becomes a wall.
That’s why, when we miss a day of being with the Lord, it seems harder to get back with him the day after, or the week after.
It’s because the bridge between us and him has been blocked with rocks and other debris of the world.
All we have to do, is praise him, spend time in worship, and in prayer. Talk with him. Listen to him. He definitely listens to us!
The bridge between us and Jesus is also the bridge over which our prayers travel and over which answers are released. 
Every time someone prays, no matter who it’s for or what it’s about – as long as it’s to God – a spiritual bridge is built. 
To strengthen the bridge, one must accept or have accepted Jesus as their Savior. Then pray, read the Bible, praise him. 
This strengthens the bridge. Keeps the bridge open.