Ultimate Irony

When God releases blessings or breaks strongholds, it happens over time for many people.  For instance 2005 was the year of things coming full circle. The year of breaking old cycles.

But it didn’t start happening for me until 2017.

God is opening up revelation. If we will but spend time with him and get it. That’s where so many fail. Not spending quality AND quantity time with the Lord. It’s not a matter of works, or ‘press in and strive’, it’s a matter of spending daily time with him.

The ultimate irony. JoAnn McFatter said she heard the trees talk to her. I said it was witchcraft. Now, 10 years later, the bushes and flowers talk to me.

Satan had me so bound up in black and white’ism that I couldn’t HEAR the forest for the trees.

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