What Happens After Having Forever Love


Love, it comes in all shapes, all colors.


There are all kinds of love as you know. You have now known forever love. Since you have, you now need to turn your attention to other kinds of love, even, yes even, falling in love again. Now that you have experienced deep love, falling in love and it being reciprocated, which is the true measure of falling in love, now that you have experienced it –

Love refreshed

You can turn your attention to the people in your life now and love with all your heart. Because, like loving God, true love is abiding. It won’t walk away, it won’t turn on you, it is always there, in your heart.

abiding love

Having that deep human need to be loved, filled, it did what it was supposed to do. It activated our hearts to love again. Yes, even falling IN love again. That’s what abiding love does. It means you can love again, with the same heart felt, deep abiding love. It is not a betrayal of the first love, it honors the first love, Because the first love was the opening of your heart TO love and opening our hearts to another means the first love did what it was intended to do. It gave us a *knowing*. That confidence that we are or have been, loved. It filled up our senses and satisfied our souls.

Love is not meant to be kept close to the vest. It is meant to be invested in others. It is meant to be given away in whatever measures the person and situation calls for.

So keep that first love in your heart, keep it there where it fills you up and when it’s time, let it begin to go to that special box you have in your mind, where you keep good memories that make you feel good, but that you don’t revisit often, if at all. It’s just a confident knowing that it’s always there and it was real.

New Love

And go on to live a full life, loving those you are around in the present. Honor the first, true love you had by giving love to another. Knowing, in your heart of hearts, that first, deep, abiding love, started you on the road to sharing love and that it’s still with you.                     


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